Bright and fantastic quality these will look great on a night out and make you stand out from the crowd!
Price £60.00
Can be used in a number of various themes, this mother Nature costume looks great for your fancy dress theme.
Price £47.00
Ever wondered what the man reading the paper alone in the park was doing? Getting ready to flash of course! Get this naughty costume without the sensors to see what he flashes!
Price £43.00
Now we know that not all Grannys like to flash! But these ones do!
Price £50.00
Fantastic body suit with a tattoo effect on the suit! Stretch fabric to sit most sizes!
Price £70.00
Unleash your real Scot with this Tartan Kilt with naughty surprise!
Price £8.00
A cheeky novelty item for a drag theme!
Price £9.50
fat suit biker
Price £75.00
Don't act like one...just look like one! A inflatable to put a smile on many faces!
Price £50.00
No one will be able to tell it's not real...honest!
Price £50.00
An inflatable Sumo costume! No one will dare fight you in this!
Price £50.00
Who said Ballerinas have to be lean? Break tradition with this inflatable costume!
Price £50.00
Does this chef ever serve the food he makes? Or does he eat it all?....
Price £50.00
Available in 2 assorted colours. Great theme for a big night out!
Price £40.00
Act like a Cow with this costume and get away with it! With cheeky bra and breasts!
Price £45.00